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Does Person Of Interest Deserve To Be Renewed?

What is wrong with some people? How does one judge whether a TV show deserves to come back to TV? It is clear as mud to me, TV shows deserve to come back based on the quality of the story, acting, directing, writing and obviously the amount of fans who want it to happen.

What is clear to many fans, even those who do not think POI should be renewed, is that POI was a unique and excellent example of fantastic, entertaining and thought provoking television. Not all fans want it to return, but perhaps that is a little fear of the unknown going on there. I can tell you that not many fans want the show back with Reese and/or Root. I'm actually one of those fans, however if a reboot were to be made, I would give it a go on one condition, there would need to be at least two or more of the original cast or I don't think I would waste my time.

Anyway, getting the point of this blog, I recently read an article regarding TV shows that deserve to come back. I cannot say I disagreed with much of it, but I was appalled that Person of Interest was not on the list. What the hell is this writer thinking? He or she obviously never watched Person of Interest.

I made a comment on the article and referenced a few shows that I felt did deserve to return. Most of these shows are TV that I've not seen yet, so I am basing this opinion on what the critics have said about these shows.

And yes I know, my love for Person of Interest is my opinion, but come on, no one can deny what a great show it was. It should have been on that list in my opinion. Besides, what makes a TV show deserving of renewal in the fans eyes?

Sure ratings is what kills or keeps a show alive, but as far as many of us are concerned, the ratings really don't give an accurate picture of how many viewers actually watch said TV show. Person of Interest's Live +7 ratings were very high and based on those numbers, it should still be on the air.

Here is an edited version of the comment I made:

I completely agree with those fans asking for Forever to return, I never checked it out because it ended after one season. Hannibal and Firefly was also well supported with petitions signed by many thousands of fans for these shows to return. Person of Interest had a long way to go in terms of story arcs that Nolan had planned. Some of those ideas have gone over to Westworld, but Nolan maintains he would still love to keep making POI and personally for me, I would love to see those stories in Nolan's head played out on screen.

As for Firefly, there has been so much support for it, so perhaps this is why it is number two, was it? And Hannibal was number one? I really think the only reason Netflix has not jumped on some of these shows is possibly the availability of cast and maybe the cost to make some of these shows. Also Firefly was awhile ago and perhaps new seasons just would not work. I have never seen the show so I don't know.

I stopped watching shows that are in their first seasons a long time ago, most of them anyway. I recently tried out Notorious (big mistake) which will be canned; I'm sure of it and then the show-runner ends with a cliffhanger knowing full well their 13 episode season was cut to 10 episodes. I also watch Designated Survivor which I feel very confident will return. It's hard to explain, but I am so tired of getting into a show and then having the show end on a cliffhanger. At least Nolan and co saw the writing on the wall and wrapped up the POI story as best they could and they did do a good job, very smartly leaving little doors of story-line ajar for a return. Loved that show, can't say it enough, for me, it has to come back.

Link to the article to read more.

So that's all for my little rant today, stay tuned for Harper Rose's update a bit later with a review from the recent Walking Dead episode on Spoiler TV.

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

An Update And The Notorious Finale Review From Spoiler TV

Hi everyone. This morning I am posting Marco Pekic's review of Notorious, the Season Finale. I found this show to be in my guilty pleasure realm of TV choices, much like Scandal, (whoops, I had better not let Ms Shonda Rhimes hear me say that) Desperate Housewives, which I never made it through and; oh well, shall I go on? I think you all get the picture.

Seriously, just seriously! How could I forget Melrose Place, this show was the ultimate guilty pleasure. Oh how I love this show and Amanda and Alison and their famous cat fights. And for the record Ms Rhimes: The next time someone refers to Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder or any of your shows as a guilty pleasure, it is meant as a compliment because that is how it is intended, I loved Melrose Place and could not wait to watch it every week.

Now I don't usually watch TV shows that I think might only get one season, but by episode three, I was certain this show had potential, until their episode order was cut back to only ten.

I still don't know whether Notorious was renewed, but then again I was under the impression that these things are not announced until around April or May. Anyway if I hear any whispers that Notorious may get a second season, you will be the first to know. I have posted a recent article below for any readers here who are interested in whether their favourite show is returning next season. It's an interesting read and I will try to discuss it a little next time as there were a few things in this article that warrant a discussion.

And lastly, I would just like to apologise for not being able to write for this blog as often as I would like. I'm writing a series of books, and that is taking a lot of time and will amount to paid work.

I am however; planning to post a series of reviews and articles and as many updates as I can so you, my faithful readers are being kept up to date. Always remember to check on the Facebook page and the Twitter page, as I often post stuff there before I get a chance to get it on the blog.

So, I had better stop crapping on now and leave you to read Marco's review. There will be more to come in the shape of articles and reviews from the talented writers at Spoiler TV and other places around the net. Below is a brief outline of what's in store in terms of people who I consider some of the best reviewers online:

  • Pip Maxine, also known as Brouhaha is Spoiler TV's Grey's Anatomy reviewer and has recently started reviewing new HBO show; Divorce. I recall a really entertaining interview she did with an actor from Grey's Anatomy. She lives in the UK, her favourite TV show is: Foyle's War and she love relaxing with a cup of tea. Maxine writes fiction and spends time chatting up a storm on Twitter regarding current events and politics.

  • Specs, a fiction author, loves Scandal and reviews it every week. She really enjoys writing and her Scandal reviews are extremely comprehensive. I love Specs' reviews' as she covers so much detail and clearly outlines how the events of the episode affected her. It so clear in her writing that fiction is definitely where her talent lies. 

  • Bradley Adams is another wonderful, talented writer, who also partakes in the Spoiler TV Podcasts. Formerly the Person of Interest reviewer, he has taken on other projects, including Nolan's new show; Westworld.

  • And of course, Marco Pekic. Marco not only writes the Notorious reviews, he writes for Gilmore Girls, Speechless, Fresh Off The Boat, APB reviews, and much more. Marco is from Serbia and says he watches to much TV. Marco also loves Grey's Anatomy, American Crime (another show I need to find time to watch), Code Black, Vampire Diaries, and Charmed.

Notorious: Taken - Season Finale Review: Courtesy of Spoiler TV Writer: Marco Pekic

After an unusual and unnecessary 3-week break Notorious returned last Thursday to air it's trimmed season 1 finale. "Taken" was written by Allie Hagan and directed by James Whitmore, it was a nicely paced episode with a solid built up and a bit predictable resolution. Let's dig into the meaty season 1 finale of Notorious.

The episode picked off right where "Choice" left off with Julia getting kidnapped by El Torro's people. It was a nice twist to see it was a mix-up and that Louis was the initial target of the kidnappers and that only cause of Louis and Julia switching rooms is why Julia found herself in this predicament. The interaction between Julia and El Torro were intriguing, charged with tension and quite interesting to watch. I liked how Julia embraced the situation and fought to get the upper hand instead of waiting for someone to come and rescue her. Piper did an excellent job in combining her powerful attitude and the fear radiating from her eyes, her performance came off quite believable and engaging. Eventually, El Torro agreed to do the interview with Julia, instead of Louis and that was one hilarious moment. El Torro went totally double personality on Julia and played the calm and insightful hero for his nation, Antonio Jaramillo's performance was impeccable and truly entertaining.

Meanwhile, Julia's friends and family started a rescue mission and were willing to do anything to get her back. Jake even travelled to Mexico and teamed up with Louis to get Julia back. Their scenes had a nice flare to it, felt new and refreshing as we didn't saw them interact too much out of LHL. With the help of Ella and Bradley, Jake and Louis found Julia and used El Torro's brother Raul to cut a deal and escaped the clutches of El Torro, after Raul killed him. I have to give major kudos here to Johnny Ortiz, who played Raul's son and El Torro's nephew. The American Crime season 1 alumni delivered and exceptional performance during his talk with Ella and Bradley. I love the small Tremor in his voice which comes up every time he tears up, it was so convincing during his American Crime appearance and was so captivating in Notorious' final season 1 outing.

And while the main action was going on in Mexico the show kept up its pace as Megan and Ryan tried to produce a Julia-centric LHL episode despite the network's CEO wishes. This attempt forced the CEO's hand and she fired Ryan's dad, Darin for disobedience. But with the news out Megan and Ryan were able to continue the show and it turned into an emotional one when Megan spoke up live on air pleading the abductors to let Julia go. It is really a major shame the show just started to exploit Sepideh Moafi cause she really rocks. Another great guest star was introduced through LHL this week, Rebecca Breeds played Avery Whitsell, who played Louis' replacement for the day. Rebecca was radiating on screen and captivated every moment she was in a scene. Her emotional outburst after seeing the pictures of Julia's trashed room was truly convincing, I hope Rebecca gets a new pilot this season. I think she is quite the actress.

The most annoying part of this episode where the final 30 seconds where it was revealed that Maya Harman committed suicide upon her mother's murder confession. It was an unnecessary cliffhanger to an already closed story. Especially considering how low the chances of renewal are. Before sounding off let's do a small season recap:

- Favorite character: Jake, after a shaky performance in the pilot he turned into the true star of the show.
- Favorite episode: Missing, 1x05
- Best fight: The Louis-Julia fight about Dana Harman after Louis burns Dana live on air
- Best Louis Moment: Her inviting Ryan, played by Ryan Guzmann, to join her in a threesome.

What did you think of Notorious' season/possible series finale? Are you happy with the way the show concluded its first season? Did the show live up to the notorious title i owns? Feel free to sound off in comment section, cause it can be you very last opportunity to do so.

You can read more of Marco Pekic's articles and reviews on Spoiler TV, the best place on the net to get all the goss on your favourite TV shows.

Great review Marco, and agree with you on many points. I have to admit I was getting into this show and then I heard about the original 13 episode order being cut to 10. I gotta be honest, it left a really bad taste in my mouth. I had the last 6 episodes saved on my HDD for the ages, and I now wonder if my daughter hadn't wanted to see it, would I have bothered?

Anyway, the final episode, while it was good and all the kidnapping stuff was totally predictable, even the fact they kidnapped the wrong hostage....funny! I liked how it all turned out in the end. And for me it felt as though the story had been wrapped up, until that young woman left her car on a bridge in the middle of traffic and it looks as though she jumped, perhaps to her death.

At the time, I just sat there and said, "Now why in the fuck did the writers have to go and do that?" At first I thought perhaps the scenes had been filmed before the episode order was cut, but then I though that's what talented editors are for. In my mind the story was wrapped up until Dana took a swan dive off a bridge and it would seem, for no reason at all.

Suffice to say, my biggest pet hate in television is writers/show-runners pull this kind of crap. It makes absolutely no sense to leave the story unresolved when it's not looking good for a renewal next season. I really wonder whether they do it on purpose. Or maybe it's a PR stunt to get the fans talking. Frankly; if I had to guess, I'd think it's the show-runners getting pissy with the network because they weren't able to finish telling their story. A final "Fuck you," if that makes sense. If I'm right, then I'm right, but if so, then that just stinks to high heaven.  

At least the show-runner over on The Walking Dead last season, knew they'd been renewed and if I had to go there, and I won't; my rant about Gimple would be epic, but not today. Except to say that what he did was worse; another rant for another time. But; to include a cliffhanger in the final seconds of a show which in all likelihood was being axed is seriously screwed up. Shit like that for no good reason annoys me no end.

Okay; end of rant and now I'm off to work on my book. Writing about blood and guts, monsters, mayhem and murderous rage and killing people will cheer me up, it always cheers me up when I create something new.

Have an awesome Sunday you lovely people. I'll be back.

Here's an interesting article printed around four days ago regarding TV shows being cancelled. Read the little blurb about the Blacklist. The Blacklist is in its fourth season right? I love and adore TV, I know my TV. I love writing about TV. Their TV writer does not. At least not in my opinion.

Here is the article if you're at all curious:
Entertainment Cheat Sheet: 14 TV Shows Likely To Get The Axe

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Why The Hell Was Secret City Just A Mini-Series?

Well I have taken my sweet time in writing this, other TV shows to natter about and many, many articles about Person of Interest, which I am sure the non-fans are sick of. Don't forget, any reader is free to write here whenever they want about whatever TV show they like. So don't be shy, get in touch via the contact box, or Facebook if you'd like to write here.

In any case, let's get to Secret City.

I loved this mini-series. Thank you Foxtel. It is about time we got a gritty, nail-biting drama, that was conceived from an original idea.

Jackie Weaver completely owned her role in this show and I would love to see more of her. This mini-series was well written, had a fabulous cast, and was really entertaining right the way through. This is the kind of entertainment many Aussie viewers want to see more of.  I have to admit to a little bias in the fact that this series was set in the Canberra, where I live. It was terrific watching the location scenes and picking out exactly where they were shooting.

Now I am well aware that political drama has been tried on the networks and I don't see why it shouldn't be looked at as an idea again. Is it not conceivable that we could have an Aussie version of Scandal or House of Cards? These shows have succeeded for years in the US, and the UK, so why not here?

What I am wondering is why shouldn’t this show be picked up as a ten to thirteen episodic political thriller? I am not aware of the free to air networks trying out this kind of show, and the US has done it many times with Scandal, The West Wing, and House of Cards (which was a success in the UK). I really don’t see why this kind of show could not be a success in Australia? As a writer, I have many thoughts rolling around in my brain on how this show could have continued into a second season. Do the TV writers in Australia simply have no imagination or is it the networks who are the issue?

While I do my best to support Australian drama, much of it is not what I want to see. Now I cannot speak for every viewer, but I have to ask why in five years have the ratings of a popular show like “Winners and Losers” dropped by more than half? Why are we barely getting a million viewers watching “Love Child”, when five years ago, “Packed to the Rafters” would get over two million?

Sure, TV is changing, with streaming services and the like. What I wonder is, how will Free to Air TV networks turn a profit in the future? Not everyone wants to watch the Football, Rugby League, the Cricket, the Tennis or the Olympics. And lately, the Friday night football ratings are not even reaching one million.

I would love to see more original, scripted TV shows in Australia on Free to Air TV and Pay TV. And a thriller like Secret City could do very well for Foxtel, or one of the commercial networks. Come on Seven network, get some balls and steal it. If Foxtel don't want it, then it's fair game. Besides it would be your chance to pay them back for stealing that other show you dumped, I don't remember the name, but it was a period drama set in Australia.

In a few years time, when Netflix are able to offer all of their available content globally, how are the Pay TV services and Free to Air networks going to compete? Are they simply waiting until Foxtel lose even more money and then grab all the sporting rights Foxtel now have the rights to and can't really afford. I seriously doubt when this happens that Telstra and Murdoch can bail them out again. Foxtel need to reinvent their brand and offer what Netflix does at a much more reasonable price with better terms and condition.

I don’t have the answer here, but it's clearly obvious to me and many other people who only watch Free to Air TV that things certainly have to change. It's my opinion that original and entertaining home-grown content is what will keep eyes on the TV screen and that Australia really does not have enough of this quality content.

And before I go, just so you know Foxtel, I loved Secret City. It could have been a lot more than a six episode mini-series. I know it's based on a true story, so is the leading role of Olivia Pope in Scandal. Secret City could have become a very popular political thriller.

Finally; for the record, I did not subscribe to Foxtel to see it and I never will. Until you guys over there get a clue and start offering value like Netflix, Stan and Presto do, I and many others will choose these services over Foxtel. It would cost me around $50 just to sign up to watch this series and I would have had to agree to sign up for at least a year, screw that for a joke. I chose to watch it by other means. Anyway, that is a whole other argument.

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Friday, 1 July 2016

The Person Of Interest Novel #1 Negotiations Have Broken Down

Don't be taken in by the various online stores offering this book for pre-order. No official announcement has been made regarding a Person of Interest novel.

Back in January of this year, Peter Watts published this blog post regarding the work he has been doing on a new Person of Interest novel.

Contract negotiations fell apart not long after this and Watts posted his version of events here.

It will be a crying shame if a book based on POI never sees the light of day

Peter Watts had an agreement with certain interested parties to keep quiet about the project, but given the plan for this book was leaked and the book is being offered to customers as a pre-order, Peter Watts felt he should speak up and set the record straight. He also wanted to clarify that he was not responsible for book being listed for sale on Amazon and other online bookstores. He also pointed out that contract issues were still being ironed out.

Setting the record straight was probably not a good idea, because days later Peter Watts' contract was dead in the water. Peter Watts was blamed for the leaks and the fact that the book was listed on various online bookstores. The author was adamant that he had stuck to the terms of his contract and for the life of me, (and as a writer myself), I don't see why any writer would sabotage himself in this way. Something else is going on here. Getting a book published is hard enough, so why would the book's author sabotage his contract.

It is my hope and the hope of many Person of Interest fans that this book and perhaps other books based on the series will see the light of day eventually. You only have to look at the success of other books that are based on a popular TV series. 24, The 100, The Walking Dead and many more.


The above books are bestsellers, a Person of Interest book would sell millions of copies

If you happen to be surfing the Internet looking for Person of Interest merchandise like I have recently, do not be fooled by the link offering the Person of Interest, Novel #1 for pre-order. My example of one listing is below:

Person Of Interest Novel #1 on Amazon Canada.

To be clear, these online bookstores are not trying to scam anyone. They honestly believe that there will be a Person of Interest novel coming out. It is also possible that this book is in the works and the author has been told to keep quiet about any negotiations. It possible his second blog post was written on the advice of his agent. Perhaps Bad Robot, Warner Bros and other interested parties want to keep this book a secret. For my sake and the millions of Person of Interest fans worldwide, I really hope that this is what's actually going on.

The Mayhem Twins - So awesome, everywhere they went, a mess was sure to follow

Given that the final episode of Person of Interest just went to air last week, I can imagine that many fans are searching the web for DVDs, T Shirts, and other merchandise. It is my intention to own as much Person of Interest memorabilia as possible, so I can certainly see how fans might be taken in by this listing on Amazon and many others at various online bookshops.

If I had to bet on the outcome of whether a Person of Interest book will be available one day, I would have to say that there is a pretty good chance we will see a Person of Interest book or perhaps a series of books. While this would be awesome, it would be even better if the series were to continue. Fans can help to convince other networks to pick up Person of Interest for a few more seasons. To learn more about this, see the info and a link to the Save Person of Interest further down.

Given that the millions of fans are now mourning this show, it would be nice to hear some good news regarding the plans for this novel. It is my understanding that Peter Watts has already written the book, so I'm hoping this book will be released eventually. In the meantime, we can keep up the fight to get Person of Interest back on the air.

The story that Jonah Nolan, Greg Plageman, Denise The and the other wonderful Person of Interest writers were telling was cut horribly short thanks to the greed of the CBS network. Show the other networks how much you love Person of Interest and tell them that this story needs to continue. Sign the petition below:

Save Person of Interest Petition

Support the POI Initiative and help Save Person Of Interest.

Follow The POI Initiative on Twitter

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Person of Interest Season Six - The Fans Need Some Positive News

Fans of the popular crime drama, cyberpunk, thriller series really need to hear some hope regarding Person of Interest's future. Like whether POI has a future beyond the season five finale.

Recently In a TV Guide article; Greg Plageman has been quoted as saying that a Person of Interest reboot is possible. "Never say never" were his exact words. As for Michael Emerson, he reveals that not many characters survive the finale, so another season may not seem possible for the fans and not many fans are keen on a reboot. Jonah Nolan reveals that he would have loved to continue making POI, but that decision was taken away.

Nolan also spoke to IGN after the 100th episode and after the finale and did say the door had been left open, which has given the fandom hope. But, I think the fans are looking for more than hope now. Given that TV Guide is owned by CBS, is it possible we are being told what CBS want us to hear.

Rita Presto, a Person of Interest fan commented on this article and said that hearing phrases like “Never say never” in regards to more Person of Interest on our TV screens is not enough for her. She also went on to say: "I would like to see more positive hope for the fans of this show that got the shaft by CBS" I feel that Rita speaks for many of us in the POI Fandom and yes, we do need to hear something more positive about Person of Interest's future.

The POI Fandom is buzzing with conversations all over Twitter, Facebook, with Person of Interest forums and Person of Interest groups all over the Internet. If Netflix or another network are considering picking up POI, then it's my opinion that they should strike while the iron is hot. Given all the talk about the recent finale and Season 5, it is more likely that a larger audience will tune into a new season of Person of Interest.

Caro Finch, a member of one of the many Person of Interest Facebook discussion groups had this to say:

"Reboot" has bad connotations to me. Usually means the actors and/or characters will be different. POI is Reese, Finch, Shaw, Root, Fusco & of course Bear. As the Machine said.....these are NOT 'interchangeable'. CBS dropped the ball by letting the most intelligent, relevant (yes I used that word) TV show slip through their fingers. There are quite a few "POI wanna-bees" aka Limitless, out there & that pale by comparison with the writing, acting & directing. The story line has consistently been just 1-2 steps ahead of the real world. Example was the Snowden 'reveal'.....another is the rise of Artificial Intelligence (which is what the whole premise of the show is based on) is in the news more & more every day. But CBS would rather stay stuck in its old by the book, same old same old.

POI is one of those few shows that require your complete attention while it is on. And every time you re-watch an episode you'll see something you missed. The quality of POI, top to bottom, back to front & all parts in between, is the best anywhere.

To have such a great show treated the way CBS has treated POI is disgraceful. We've had to wait almost a FULL YEAR! Season 4 finale was May 5, 2015 and the Season 5 premier is May 3, 2016. And now we're going to get 13 eppies in 8 weeks? Really?

Shame on you CBS! Shame on you! You have dissed the fans as much as the show.

Personally, speaking for myself I have a hard time believing anything published on a site that CBS own. CBS are probably playing damage control, so that Person of Interest fans watch the final season live. It is all about advertising dollars for CBS, so anything written on a CBS site is probably only lip service. Many POI fans claimed they will boycott CBS after the finale of Person of Interest goes to air.

Now that Person of Interest has gone, many fans have no reason to watch CBS and a large number of fans who are members of the many Person of Interest Facebook Groups, are choosing not to watch CBS at all. That amounts to many thousands of viewers that CBS have essentially lost.

Person of Interest was the best show on CBS and for mine, the only show worth watching. We all know POI got the axe by CBS for financial reasons, and then Limitless, the show that replaced POI failed too and CBS owned Limitless. Les Moonves confirmed that in Season 4 the network broke even with Person of Interest. Perhaps if CBS had promoted Person of Interest more, we might not be where we are now. I am wondering just how many POI fans ditched CBS when they began screwing around with POI and how many fans boycotted CBS because another show took Person of Interest's time-slot. I have no doubt CBS's actions regarding POI affected the ratings of Limitless.

POI was the best show on TV in the last ten to fifteen years and never had to end like this. POI and the people who produced the show, should never have been treated this way. CBS held off telling the cast, crew and loyal fans that they had every intention of cancelling the show. They also lied to everyone about their decision making process regarding the possible renewal of Person of Interest. Now, I don't know about you, but I hate liars and I rarely forgive them. Many POI fans claim they will never watch a CBS show live again. This amount of people could very well go into the hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions.

Can CBS really afford to lose that amount of viewers and the revenue they bring. I really hope that NBC, ABC, FOX, The Cable Networks and Streaming services can learn a lesson out of this. Person of Interest has a huge fandom all over the world, which amounts to hundreds of millions of people. Netflix or Hulu or even Amazon would stand to gain the most by picking up Person of Interest given the worldwide desire for more seasons of the show.

Netflix has already saved a few shows from the axe and given them a new home as have cable networks. Longmire being one example. The Killing was also picked up by another network and Nashville which was cancelled recently was also given a new home. These shows are nowhere near the quality that Person of Interest is and these shows did not rate nearly as highly as POI.

How these numbers compare for Season 5 is unclear, however in terms of quality, Person of Interest will do very well for any network that picks it up. POI would be a huge asset to any television network or streaming company that want to renew it for a sixth season.

Fans all over the world have joined forces and put together several petitions, one has almost 50,000 signatures and has been doing the rounds for the last year. These fans will not give up until they are told there is absolutely no hope. So come on guys, can someone please give us some real hope that Person of Interest is being considered as a viable pick up for the 2016/17 season or perhaps even a year from now?

And lastly, I urge anyone who has not seen Person of Interest to sign up for Netflix or whoever is streaming POI in your part of the world and watch. The five season box set will be available on July 19 in the US and for those outside the US, try searching for the series on Amazon. We will never see another show quite like Person of Interest and certainly not on network television given the way TV is changing. POI was one of a kind and I will miss it terribly along with millions of other fans.

Please sign the petition to Save Person of Interest if you haven't done so.

Another thing you can do is to mail origami cranes into Netflix. There is more information about this on the petition or you can contact Kaily Russell, who started the petition on Facebook and Twitter.

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